Friday 30 November 2012

GW15 Captain Rankings & Select XI

A pretty similar looking ranking to The Scout's Captain Poll this week with only Berbatov bucking the trend, which seems a bit odd with Spurs visiting Craven Cottage.    A couple of wildcards in there as well as usual in Lukaku (probably won't start) and Gomez - who is possibly an anomaly statistically due to relatively low minutes played.

Although I am seriously tempted by Berbatov and Giroud I'll probably be captaining Suarez this weekend.  I can't help but admire his consistency.

The usual 3-4-3 for this gameweek's Select XI. I could not afford RVP who would be in the team over Ba if the funds allowed it.  Similarly David Silva is in ahead of Aguero to free cash up for the rest of the team.  A couple of cheap but very decent options from Norwich in Garrido and Snodgrass.  

Theo Walcott's recent form should perhaps see him edge out team mate Cazorla and in defence I've opted for Glen Johnson over Enrique.  I think both these are due to the projection model not taking very recent form into account (working on that).  Johnson is still a good option though and he's been close to scoring the last few weeks (wishful thinking from an owner perhaps!)  Arsenal keeper Szcesney gets the nod over Gibbs due to the potential save points and better clean sheet chances from the other three team's defenders.

Jordi Gomez would have made the team but I excluded him due to low number of minutes played this season as explained above, plus he may not even start this weekend.

Time for a cold beverage now I think.  Good luck this weekend.

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