Monday 12 November 2012

GW11 Match Centre [Updated]

No words today, just the stats, a bit behind the times at the moment.  I hope to post some commentary soon highlighting the highs and lows.

Update:  SuperGrover has added great commentary on all these games in the comments.  Must read!  Thanks man.



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    A small mistake, it's Wigan vs West Brom...

  2. I will go ahead and add some comments although they are sure to be rubbish in comparison to yours!


    ARS 3 - FUL 3

    Haven't watched the game, but the numbers speak loudly. Very accurate and clinical shooting by both teams. The game wasn't quite as open as the score dictates as 15 shots in the box is pretty standard. Just one of those games where everything goes in, except Arteta's penalty that is!

    As for individuals, Giroud is the obvious star here. Superb game all around. Berbatov continues to be superb and appears almost fixture proof at this point. Ruiz would be interesting if listed as a MID.

    Cazorla's numbers weren't bad, but at his price range he needs to produce more in this kind of fixture. Suspect a number of owners will be rethinking their elite MID options with Mata on fire and Silva back from the injury list.

    Walcott and Arteta are mildly interesting.

    EVE 2 - SUN 1

    Well, Sunderland scored which sucked for me (Baines as captain). Everton was clearly the better side in this one but they continue to press forward and are susceptible to counters. All the Blues offensive players were involved (Fellaini, Pienaar, Baines, Jelavic, Mirallas) and any of them could have brought home the points. This team remains a gold mine for fantasy purposes.

    Wouldn't look too much at Heitenga's shot opportunities. Yes he kicked/headed the ball towards the goal, but if Saturday is any indication he's going to struggle to ever put one on the goal. With any skill he could have easily netted a brace.

    Sunderland was better and Sessegnon was a handful, but they still got just 3 shots on goal. I still consider this team a non-entity offensively.

    STO 1 - QPR 0

    Even game in which Stoke was probably somewhat fortunate to get a clean sheet. Crouch and Walters were involved, but neither are elite options as Stoke isn't going to put up many crooked numbers this year. For QPR, Taarabt was a menace to both sides as usual, being more than a bit free with his shots. Granero was also heavily involved and Hoillet was solid as well. This is the third game in a row the trio has started together. Any of the three are legit fantasy options if looked on. All are on my radar.

    AVL 2 - MUN 3

    My model predicted about 1.5 goals for Man U this weekend. They scored 3...on 5 shots on target. They continue to confound any statistical forecaster with their absurd conversion rate (now at 46% for the year). Van Persie was the most provocative player, but had 4 shots to Rooney's 4 in 17 fewer minutes and Hernandez' 3 in 47 fewer minutes. RVP remains a fantasy monster but at soon to be 13.7 million you certainly are paying for it.

    Villa didn't do a whole lot but everything they did was funneled through Benteke and Weimann. While Benteke is a legit fantasy option, Weimann seems like a non-entity to me. This was his first game of any real contribution and Bent remains an ever present option on the bench. I personally see no value in Villa's offense.


    MCI 2 - TOT 1

    Terrible game to watch. From Adebayor's diving to Mancini's sideline histrionics, just a pitiful spectacle. City dominated the game throughout and probably should have scored 3. Aguero and Silva were excellent as expected while I thought Tevez was a bit subdued. Dzeko really was only involved in his goal and a corner, but his presence remains troublesome to Tevez owners. Interestingly Balotelli and Nasri weren't even included on the bench.

    To me, Aguero and Silva are the key options here, with Tevez there if you want to try and read Mancini's mind. The defense remains stout as Totenham barely threatened and the goal was very soft. Probably should have been a clean sheet for City.

    For the Spurs, there wasn't much to talk about. Adebayor was a flopping menace but didn't really threaten much. Bale was his usual excellent self but there were hardly any real opportunities for him. One thing to note is that Huddlestone took nearly every free kick and 1 of the 2 corners. If that continues that is a bit of a knock on Bale's value. It did not occur last game though so I wouldn't look too much into it. Besides Bale, the rest of the Spurs look like non-options right now.

    WIG 1 - WBA 2

    (You got the wrong "West" box score up :) )

    Even game. Both teams were somewhat threatening but only generated 4 chances on target. For Brom, Morrison remains the key figure although Lukaku remains a constant goal threat when on the pitch. Brunt started instead of Gera this week so that probably removes Gera as a budget option. On the other side it was more of a mixed bag. Kone scored but had only 2 shots all day and no key passes. Di Santo didn't do much either. Watson did manage 3 shots for the second week in a row. Could he become an option with regular playing time? Probably not.

    SOU 1 - SWA 1

    Don't look now, but Southampton's defense is improving. It's still not good mind you, but improvement is improvement. Swansea really didn't generate much offense and widely-held Michu and Routledge were invisible. For Routledge, this is the 3rd straight fixture that he has been a non-factor. De Guzman was better this week and has been better recently, but probably not strong enough to warrant investment.

    For Southampton, Lambert remains a well-rounded asset, especially at home. He now has 21 chances created on the season, third behind Suarez and RVP among all forwards. If he plays he is almost certainly worth the money at 6.1. Ramirez continues to rack up solid numbers in his playing time. He is now averaging 3 shots and 2.2 chances created per 90 minutes, solid numbers for a 6.0 million MID. Lallana remains a solid 6.0 option as well.

    RDG 0 - NOR 0

    Shots on target was right, Reading's defense was the way to go this week! A pretty non-eventful game, with both teams struggling to generate anything with only 13 total chances created. Hoolahan, Snoddgrass and Holt remain interesting options on Norwich presuming rotations issues can be weeded out. For Reading, only Shorey did anything useful by racking up 3 key passes from his very advanced left-back position. Not sure he is worth investment though as they won't be playing Norwich's offense at home every week.


    CHE 1 - LIV 1

    Entertaining game to watch. Liverpool came out in a 3-5-2 formation with Enrique and Johnson as wing backs. Seemed to confuse the Reds more than Chelsea and the home team really dominated the first half. The second half saw a switch to a more traditional back four with Enrique playing left-mid and Gerrard dropping deeper to orchestrate the offense instead of Joe Allen (who was putrid in the opening 45). Liverpool were the better team in the second half and deserved the single point.

    On Liverpool, Suarez was his usual brilliant self and seemed more restrained than usual (a 5th yellow on his mind perhaps). His shot and key pass numbers were down a bit but that was more of a reflection of the dominance by Chelsea in the first half. Sterling was his usual self and created a couple opportunities with his pace. I purchased Sterling at 4.7 and am thrilled with his production. At his current price, I am not sure I wouldn't be happier trying my luck with Taarabt. On the backline, both Johnson and Enrique were involved offensively, although Enrique's clumsiness was apparent to my eye. Gerrard was a non-factor as he spent most of the second half directing thinks as a holding mid. He also gave up corner duties to Suso.

    For Chelsea, Mata, Hazard and Torres were all heavily involved. Oscar was excellent but he remains a bit deeper than the other two #10s and thus doesn't have the fantasy potential. Torres was Torres, getting a hold of a good number of solid chances but failing to put any in the back of the net. Hazard and Mata both remain solid fantasy assets.

    NEW 0 - WHM 1

    Newcastle probably deserved at least a draw here. WHM continued their run of allowing a ton of shots and not a ton of goals. Currently, the opposition is converting just 17.7% of their shots on target against the Hammers. Don't expect that to continue. On offense, WHM has been very aggressive getting shots close in and the pattern continued this week. Nolan remains the primary contributor here although Noble is very cheap and remains on all kicks (including penalties).

    On the other side it was pretty much status quo. Cabaye outperformed HBA, but Ben Arfa did enough to keep him as a viable, albeit pricey, midfield option. Ba was Ba, with the only difference being that he didn't score on one of his 2 shots on target. Cisse remains unownable.

  5. Fixed the Wig game. Sorry about that.

    SuperGrover, you are awesome. I will add an update to this post to say go and read the comments!

  6. Super Grover - super job. I typically post @shots_on_target GW Match centre on - i'll be happy to use your overviews also with your permission this week? If you are happy for me to use them let me know your twitter name also and i'll be sure to name check you!



  7. Sure thing Please makre sure to reference in the post.

  8. Half-way through watching ARS-FUL. My previous comments remain although I will say the defending has been pretty weak so far. One thing to note is that Walcott has been on corners and free kicks instead of Cazorla. This would be a big hit to Santi Cazorla as that basically makes him a non-entity for all set pieces (he certainly isn't an aerial threat). Something to monitor for Cazorla owners such as myself.