Friday 2 November 2012

Fantasy Yirma vs. Man Utd


Whenever my head is full up of tiny numbers and I need a good read I head over to Fantasy Yirma, a fantasy and football site by the runners of the Fantasy Yirma mini-league.  The articles on there are really good.  A great balance of fantasy stuff, fan posts and insightful footballing journalism. 

Here's a link to a few articles that I have enjoyed recently.

Tottenham Hotspur: Quietly Confident...
Chelsea:  Three is the Magic Number
Manchester City:  If it aint broke don't fix it

Also check out their GW10 Preview.

The Fantasy Yirma mini-league is a free to enter FPL public league with a £50 cash prize to the winner, generously funded by the guys.  I am in this minileague and currently sit in 100th position out of 874 managers, and counting.  The ML leader is currently 66th in the world.  Impressive.  So join up!  The league is still open for a short time, league number is 44397-15005.

I have a lot of time for these guys, so much so I have done a fantasy review for Manchester United's main players (preview below).  Head over to their site to check it out in full.

Rooney vs Van Persie. Check it out on

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  1. absolute gent!! Many thanks buddy - been great having you as one of the key contributors to our site over the past few months!