Monday 5 November 2012

GW10 Match Centre (Part One)


Man United's goal threat overall is almost entirely through Rooney and Van Persie.  Asa you'd expect of course.  Rooney's missed penalty would have cost those who showed the faith in him but there should be know reason to panic with him getting as many opportunities to score as his Dutch colleague.  Van Persie just has that extra cutting edge which is what the extra £2m buys you.   Once again for Arsenal it's all about Cazorla and Giroud.  I own both these and really, really am hoping they can do something at home against Fulham. 

Fellaini overshadows everyone here on a team full of goal chances, and therefore goals.  Everton should have had 4 or 5 here, and Fuylham were very luck to get draw level.  On another day Jelavic should have scored at least one and Baines or Pienaar an assist.  If Everton can keep the Fellaini fit then everyone in this team will profit.  Fulham were outclassed but Berbatov is still their main man.  They will live to fight another day,

A game of limited chances as you would expect, with Norwiich having the most chances overall but Stoke getting into the penalty box more.  Pilkington had the stand out game from Norwich reminding us of his brief flurry of goals last season, although it was Johnson who grabbed the goal from one of two efforts.  Stoke are never going to create many chances away from home so this is as expected really.

Swansea did a really good job here of limiting the number of good chances from Chelsea whilst almost matching them for threat going forward.   Hazard had a good game in Mata's absence with the lion's share of the visitor's shooting opportunities but with 3 out fo 4 of these coming from outside the box it's not really a great surprise he did not score.  Michu's advanced role for Swansea has allowed De Guzman to get forward more he is a good alternative to the Spaniard.


No doubt many FPL managers, myself included, would have captained Gareth Bale in this game in what looked a "plum fixture" for the London outfit.  Wigan are starting to recapture the kind of performance that kept them in this league at the end of last season.  This is the second game in a row in which Spurs have failed to create the league average number of SoT and Sin and that does not bode well.  Bale was, as usual, the number one attacking threat for Tottenham but it is starting to look like AVB's tactical approach struggles without key players in the Spurs engine room, such as Dembele and Sandro.  Wigan did not create a great deal of chances with Kone and Maloney and goalscorer Watson their top fantasy performers.

Part Two to follow tomorrow after the conclusion of GW10 with reports and stats for WHM vs MCI, LIV vs NEW, QPR vs RDG, SUN vs AVL and WBA vs SOT.

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