Thursday 8 November 2012

GW11 Buying Guide

The following players are projected to score the most total points according to my point projection model over the next six gameweeks, GW11 to GW16 inclusive.  

Included for each position is a Form and Forecast Table so you can see which players have the better fixtures and when and plan accordingly.  Some players will be featured here based on two or sometimes just one good fixture in the next 6 so do take a look at the tables and the 3 week and 6 week rating to weigh everything up.   

If you've followed this guide for the last few weeks you may have noticed a very consistent selection of players in the more expensive price brackets, with much less consistency in the lower price and budget categories.  I think this reflects that for the best players in the best team's form is more important than fixtures, but for the cheap guys they really need a good fixture list to warrant inclusion.

The top three in Suarez, RVP and Ba from last week retain their position as top overall point scorers for the next 6 gameweeks, whilst Rooney edges out Aguero in the elite category.  After these guys it's Southampton's Ricky Lambert and Wigan's Aruna Kone who grab my attention ahead of promising home fixtures.   
Berbatov and Aguero don't make this guide any more but I have included them in the Form Table anyway as they only just missed out.

Top Overall
Suarez, Van Persie, Ba

Top Elite (>£9m)

Suarez, Van Persie, Rooney

Top Midprice (£7.5-9m) 
Ba, Jelavic, Giroud

Top Low Price (£6-7.5m)
Fletcher, Lambert, Kone

Top Budget (<£6m)
Hunt, Ruiz, Di Santo

Top Differential (<5% owned)
 Kone, Hunt, Giroud

The Mighty Fellaini powers his way to the top of my listings for the first team this season, now ranking amongst the best of the elite, rather than best-in-price.  Despite 2 tough games in a row Gareth Bale keeps his place, fuelled in a large part by Spurs home fixture with West Ham in GW13.  

Southampton's 4 'alright' looking home fixtures in  the next 6 see's Lallana make the grade as a potentially rewarding differential. 

Top Points Overall
Fellaini, Bale, Mata

Top Elite (>£8m)
Bale, Mata, Cazorla

Top Midprice (£6.5-8m)
Fellaini, Michu, Nolan

Top Low Price (£5.5-6.5m)
Lallana, Taarabt, Walters

Top Budget (<£5.5m)
Maloney, Routledge,  Gera

Top Differential (<5% owned)
Lallana, Taarabt, Maloney

It seems like Everton man Leighton Baines has staked a claim for a permanent fixture upon my top listings for Defenders.  Evra's attacking threat and clean sheet potential vs QPR and West Ham at home sees him oust teamates Evans and Rafael, but all remain good optionsGlen Johnson is included based on a strong attacking threat alone, and you'll need to rely on him to grab a goal or assist or two over these next 6.  In the bargain basement Southampton's aforementioned next six fixtures promotes Clyne and Fox into the reckoning.

Top Points Overall
Baines, Johnson, Evra

Top Elite(>£6m)
Baines, Johnson, Evra

Top Midprice (£5.5-6m)
Gibbs, Huth, Clichy

Top Low Price (£5-5.5m)
Shawcross, Santon, Boyce  (also Sagna).

Top Budget (<£5m)
Fox, Clyne, Rangel

Top Differential (<5% owned)
Johnson, Fox,  Huth


  1. Is it too early for Sagna? I would expect him to make his way on here soon.

  2. Sagna already gets a mention. A small one. You're right he has not stats to draw from though.