Thursday 15 November 2012

GW12 Buying Guide

A bit later than intended this week.  Wanted to get some improvement to the model done first.  As per usual the following players have been selected as those projected to score the most points in their category through the next 6 gameweeks, GW12 through to 17.

Included for each position is a Form and Forecast Table so you can see which players have the better fixtures and when and plan accordingly.  Some players will be featured here based on two or sometimes just one good fixture in the next 6 so do take a look at the tables and the 3 week and 6 week rating to weigh everything up.   

Double Gameweek GW16
My model does not account for the imminent double gameweek in GW16 for Sunderland CHE (H) RDG (H) and Reading SOT (A) SUN (A).  This is a very unexciting double really.  The only purchase you want to consider at the moment to GW is a Sunderland defender if you have a free transfer to spare, and there's no rush.

Demba Ba is a notable casualty in this category with Newcastle's slow but steady slip down my attacking form rankings plus a slight turn in the fixtures with the Magpies facing 3 away games and City in the next 6.  He still has some traditionally favourable fixtures on the horizon so there's no need for an immediate spell but his time may have come. Watch this space.

Taking his spot is Aguero, joining Van Persie and Suarez amongst the top forecast point scorers over the next 6 weeks.  Berbatov is just outside the top three.  Villa's emerging talent Benteke makes his first appearance in this buying guide, and deservedly so I'd say.

Top Points Overall
Van Persie, Suarez, Aguero

Top Elite (>£9m)
Van Persie, Suarez, Aguero

Top Mid Price (£7.5-9m)
Ba, Jelavic, Giroud

Top Low Price (£6-7.5m)
Berbatov, Lambert, Benteke

Top Budget (<£6m)
Rodallega, Ruiz, Di Santo

Top Differential (<5% owned)
Benteke, Giroud, Kone

Fellaini keeps his well deserved top spot.  He's as close to essential as it gets in my opinion, being the top scoring midfielder, fantastic value for money and already owned by 1 in 3 managers.  There really is no sensible alternative for the money.  Remaining at the top with the Belgian are Bale and Mata. Eden Hazard  and Michu's underlying stats and projections remain good. In the other categories it's really the same as with no real new faces.  QPR's enigmatic Moroccan Taarabt remains the most alluring option for someone looking for a differential.  David Silva deserves a special mention.  He's 5th overall in my model for attacking points in the next 6 fixtures despite not yet racking up a lot of gametime and is owned by just 1 in 20 managers.

Top Points Overall
Fellaini, Bale, Mata

Top Elite (>£8m)
Bale, Mata, Hazard

Top Midprice (£6.5-8m)
Fellaini, Michu, Nolan

Top Low Price ((£5.5-6.5m)
Taarabt, Lallana, Morrison

Top Budget (<£5.5m)
Routledge, Mackie, Sterling

Top Differential (<5% owned)
Taarabt, Silva, Lallana

Baines and Evra keep their place at the top spot although for the first time Baines does not have the number opne spot. These two are joined again by Rafael, who nudges ahead ofg Glen Johnson. These two have been trading places for 3rd place in this ranking for a few weeks now.  Johnson has to be an intriguing option, owned by just 2% of FPL managers and given the right midfield position in Liverpool's last game at Chelsea.

Top Points Overalll

Evra, Baines, Rafael

Top Elite (>£6m)

Evra, Baines, Rafael

Top Midpriced (£5.5-6m)
 McAuley, Evans, Skrtel

Top Low Priced (£5-5.5m)
Olsson, Shawcross, Mertesacker

Top Budget (<£5m)

Billy Jones, Caulker,  Monk

Top Differential (<5% owned)
Olsson, Evans, Johnson


  1. I know you are high on Johnson, but he is a bit pricey in my opinion. Liverpool simply make a few too many mistakes at the back for an over 6 million man.

    What are your thoughts on Enrique as an option? Presuming he will beat out Wisdom, he gets forward as much as Johnson and also played wingback (and then a true MID) against Chelsea. While he is a bit clumsy, he does have some potential and saves you more than a few hundred thousand pounds.

  2. I do like Johnson, aye. He's always near the top of the projectsion but yet to deliver. I'm going to keep a close eye on Johnson, Enrique and Wisdom's gametime and position.