Friday 31 August 2012

GW3 My Team

Pretty happy with this lot for GW3.  Brought in BAE for Ivanovic, making a £0.1m profit, not that I care about the cash, but it's a sound transfer given Chelsea's blank this week, and Tottenham's imminent fixtures.  Also, is Ivanovic's place under threat from this Azplicueta fella? 

To be honest I am still shooting from the hip with this team. I did not fulfil the super summer statistical study of which I planned and put the team together from scratch the night before deadline.  The team did kind of pick itself though, with DDG, Tevez, Torres, A N Other Chelsea , plus some more City & Tottenham coverage, and Swansea's fixtures.  The biggest decision for me was leaving out a United attacker, although I plunged for RVP last week and will evaluate him over the next 3 GW, to see if he's worth his £13m bob (doubt it).

Good luck this weekend.

I Michu Already x