Friday 31 August 2012

F.SCORE Top 10 so far

Top 10 ranked players using my F.SCORE ranking from the limited data set available after 2 weeks.  This is going to change so much over the next few weeks but I expect it to have stabilised into a useful indicator after GW 5 or 6.

A £ symbol next to a player's name indicates they are in the top 10 value for money too (i.e. F.SCORE/£).  Players have to have played >120 mins to make the list.  Remember also the defenders get some points for defensive performance, hence Bainsey la and BAE.

I've got two of these players, Ivanovic & Michu.  I had Defoe but ditched him after 1st game.  I want Pienaar, Baines, BAE & Fellaini. Hmmm.

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