Thursday 30 August 2012


Hello World.

I've been meaning to get this blog started up all summer.  It's my new fantasy football blog!  Really!!  It's still a work in progress, I've got loads of ideas for features and analysis and other stuff but have got things started with a stat breakdown for each of teh 20 Premier League clubs.

The ranking, or F.SCORE as it's called at the moment, is a simple calculation based on a player's key footballing stats that contribute to potential fantasy returns, very similar to FFScouts ICT index I expect..  Currently the F.SCORE is set for the FPL points scoring system and two of the key key stats - shots on target, and key passes.  Basically, for strikers a shot on target (SoT) is worth 17 pts, a key pass is worth 4, based on some standard football averages.  For Defenders and midfielders the SoT score is a little higher and I'm awarding them points on defensive performance in aim to reflect clean sheet points. This is all still on the drawing board and I will explain it all and the rationale for it in some more detail soon.

Bye World, 'til nex time.

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