Sunday 18 November 2012

GW12 Top Ranked Players

A few surprises at the top of my F.SCORE rankings for Gameweek 12 with Puncheon and Le Fondre getting more efforts in on goal than Suarez and Tevez, with no sight of Aguero at all (3 Sin, 2SoT, 2 goals - not bad in 68 minutes).  Also please note Enrique is not free :)  

I've updated the Top Players page with Season Rankings and 6 week rankings.  I'll update this page again tomorrow after the West Ham Stoke game.


  1. Not surprised by Ba at the top. The numbers for both he and Ben Arfa were superb. I know a lot of people (including myself) are trying to upgrade from Ba but he remains a solid and consistent option especially at the price.

  2. Great to see Ba up there again. I am so sure he will get a hat- trick again vs Stoke away once most have gotten rid. Thoughts on a transfer for next week:
    a) just start Olsson vs the impotent Sunderland
    b) Get someone in for Jenkinson, I have no money restrictions. First thought is Cuellar or Bardsley, would rotate that person with Olsson.


  3. Until Wisdom loses his job he has to be considered at the top of 4.5 options. Do you have him already?

    Cuellar is fine at home and I would take him ahead of Bardsley. Cameron and Wilkinson are still fine options for Stoke as well.

    If you want to spend a bit more I like Sagna and Rafael's potential and Kompany, while not a good value, is locked on for the best defensive team in the league.

  4. Tevez is a bit like Rooney in a way without the penalties, though he scored a penalty this week. Both have not been great away from home, but both can be pretty explosive at home.

    Who do you think will end up with more FPL points at end of season (ignoring value)?