Friday 9 November 2012

GW11 Captain Picks

There you go.  I'm torn on my own team between Baines and Ba. Probably the latter.  

I really hoped to had some important improvements to my model in place by today but this have to wait.  I have made a few small tweaks today so these rankings are slighty different to earlier in the week when I did my Select XI.  I've been working on measuring each player's consistency in order to add a"confidence factor" to these rankings.  Will have to wait til next time.

For reference, leading FFS's Captain Poll at time of writing are Robin Van Persie (a stonking 52% of the vote), Cazorla (9%), Fellaini (6%), Baines (6%), Ba (4%). 

Here's the update Captain Matrix for the next 6 GW.


  1. How close is Fellaini to Baines? I keep switching between the two. Right now I've got the defender as well but can't promise it will be that way by kickoff.

  2. Nevermind, looked it up myself!

    55 to 51...hmm. Awfully close. Not sure what I am going to do yet.

  3. Ba Injury worries me, he was cleared fit last week by the Manager and he clearly was not fully fit. Has a history and you don't want that doubt hovering over your Captain.

    Baines looks good, but Defenders and captaincy is always a bit daunting, one lapse in defense and you lose the CS.

    How about Aguero this week? I know the numbers don't look fantastic, but a goal (should have being two) mid week and he brings allot of upside to the table. Doubt Spurs will keep a CS.

  4. I've got both Aguero and RVP, and I'm a bit surprised Aguero didn't make the list this week.

    SOT, does your model favor a low scoring game for TOT/MCI?

    RVP is probably safe option, but I'm really liking Aguero this week.