Thursday 1 November 2012

GW10 Team Rankings

Above are my attack and defence rankings.  The attack ranking is estimated number of goals scored.whilst defence ranking is probability of clean sheet. 

Below are the fixture match-ups.  Let me know if you like the format below and if you think it adds any value to this, it's the same actual data as in the above charts.

Update:  I've added the bookies William Hill's result(s) with the shortest odds ("most likely").  Useful?  Please let me know either way so I can bother or not :)


  1. I like both graphics. Betting odds are not that useful, I guess, although they are the ones with the most riding on having the best models.

    However, one must always read into the odds, as they would likely manipulate them dependent on the popularity of the match.

    Newcastle's lack of attacking threat surprised me. Is your data based on this season alone?

  2. Hi Gummi, you can see more on the projected scores here on the forum, as well as some of the numbers behind the numbers.

    The Bookies odds I think are a good indicator as to the general view. The LIV/NEW game for example is one of only where bookies are expecting a 2-0 score, the other is TOT/WIG, which to me, backs up my predictio of LIV/NEW. Appreciate any further views you have. I know the bookies odds are tainted with market expectations.

  3. And to answer your question. Data is almost enirely driven from this season's data. New are not an attacking force and Liverpool's defense isn't bad.