Monday 26 November 2012

GW13 Match Centre

With the midweek games coming hot on the heels of the weekend's fixtures this Match Centre and the one for GW14 will be much more condensed.  The stats tell the story anyway. 

The highlights for me are Liverpool's attack and defence performance, despite the blank.  The performance of Southampton, and Lallana, Puncheon and Ramirez in particular.  Wigan's Jordi Gomez obviously has raised eyebrows.  In the Chelsea - City game was the home team's lacklustre attack due just to the caution of Benetiz or City's domination?

The red/yellow/green arrows indicate the relative performance of the team against their opposition's average.  So a green arrow for both Sunderland and West Brom in this first game below means both team's had one standard deviation more shots on target against their opposition than the average team has managed this season.




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