Wednesday 7 November 2012

GW11 Select XI


My Select XI's haven't been too bad over the last 3-4 weeks, with the exception of Lukaku, whom I now formally name as my Achilles heel I have not had time of late to tot up the scores though or make a comparison with teams on other sites I'm afraid (deprioritised).

In nets and defence this week I've gone for Krul, Shorey, Huth and Baines.  It's about time Huth scored this season.  I was initially suprised not to see an Arsenal defender in there but when you look at Fulham's away goals record you can understand why.  

From Arsenal though Santi Cazorla joins compatriot Juan Mata as the two midfield heavy hitters.    At the opposite end of the stardomspectrum Kightly of Stoke and Southampton captain Lallana make up my midfield four.

Jelavic ever so slightly edges out Everton team mate Fellaini and I'm hoping Demba Ba can shake off his injury to partner the Croat up front.  Joining them is Aruna Kone.  He's impressed a few this season and is my GW11 Differential Pick.

Captain pick for this team is between Ba and Baines.  I've been brave on plucked for the defender.


  1. Can't say I agree with Shorey. Reading's defense is simply not very good and I don't see a clean sheet in their future. Would much prefer trying a City defender (Clichy or Zabaletta) against a struggling Spurs side (you could swap Cameron for Huth if you need the money). I also think you have to get Fellaini in there. You could swap Kightly/Jelavic for Felaini/Crouch or Lallana/Jelavic for Fellaini/Lambert. In my opinion, he is just too dominate in relation to his peers than Jelavic is over Crouch and Lambert.

    As far a captaincy, this is probably the week to captain Baines. Sunderland is easily the worst offensive team in the league and Everton is at least adequate defensively , if a bit overrated. Add in Baines offensive potential and he has a absolutely huge upside.

  2. No Michu vs southampton, and no United?

  3. How does the model show Giroud this week? Thinking about giving him the armband in what may be his last performance for me.

  4. @SG Shorey gets in due to a fairly decent chance of an assist and clean sheet vs. Norwich who's away from is v. poor. Still a surprise inlcusion. Remember I don't pick the team, the model does. Fellaini/Jelavic/Lambert/Crouhc etc are pretty even in my model this week but the combo's I have selected are who came out on top.

    @Pulma No Michu. In fact he's way donwn the list. Utd's best predicition is RVP predictably but he is below my front three.

    @AA23 Giroud was just pipped by teamamte Cazorla. He's is in the 2nd best bunch of three forwards, just behind Jelavic, and equal with Lambert and RVP. It's probabaly his last chance for me too, though I'm not sure I'll captain him.

  5. SOT, do you see many CS this week? I'm thinking really only Everton and Stoke. Not really confident about the other teams.

  6. Hi Anon, Stoke and Everton both have exceptional chance of a clean sheet. After these two I actually have Chelsea and, suprisingly, Reading as next most likely.

  7. P.S. I'll have full attack and defence rankings out tomorrow

  8. Id actually put a United defender in there, with Rafa and Ferdinand all rested, over Shorey. Also I don't know if this is my personal delusion but Southampton seem to concede most of their goals from the middle so strikers and mids in the hole against them always do well. I also personally would like Walcotts differential appeal over Caz :). Lets see how it goes. Good luck to you!

  9. Can't agree with taking a United defender on the road instead of a City defender at home. City has been much superior this season in the EPL (forget the UCL for a sec) and are playing at home against a wholly mediocre Spurs attack. I have them essentially tied with Stoke as the second most likely clean sheet out there. Everton is clearly first, primarily because Sunderland's offense is total shite right now.

  10. Begovic

    Baines Vermaelen Riise

    Mata Dyer Michu Ben Arfa Hazard

    Ruiz Ba

    SUBS: Cerny Pogrebnyak Walker Gibbs

    I want to offload Walker, Dyer, Ruiz and Pogrebynak. Any tips for whom I should bring in over the next 3 or 4 GW's?