Wednesday 24 October 2012

GW9 Select XI

This is my in-budget (£81m) Select XI for Gameweek 9.  I've only selected 1 player from each team's attack and defence to keep it interesting.  As usual this team has been optimised using my player point projections.

The Aguero pick is a risky one but after being rested against West Brom I bank on him playing against Swansea and I believe this game will see the season's biggest scoreline yet, 5-0 or 6-0 maybe.

I'm tipping Giroud to have good weekend too and he's included in the attack over his team mate Cazorla..  Previously I claimed that I fancy Mata over Eden Hazard in the tougher fixtures so have picked the former for the home clash against United.  It's really a close call between the two but Mata's recent form gave him the edge.

I'm keen on Stoke too this weekend with Wilson in defence and Walters in midfield.  I would love to shoe-horn Peter Crouch in there but the front three are too good, with Demba Ba my third choice to lead the line.

Despite poor results Tottenham look full of goals, and I've tipped Bale to figure amongst the fantasy points against a desperate Southampton .  Aston Villa's home clash with Norwich sees Holman given the nod in the final midfiled spot.  Kevin Nolan and Lallana just miss ou.

Sureing up my defence this week alongside Wilson are Lowton and Jenkinson.  Lowton put out some good attacking stats in his last game but it's really the clean sheet potential vs. Norwich that sees him included.  Jenkinson gets the nod over the other Arsenal options (couldn't afford Vermaelen and Gibbs is a injury risk still).

Finally, with constant uncertainty over City's back four Joe Hart gets the nod between the sticks.  I'd love one of Clichy, Zabaleta or even Richards, but 60 mins plus gametime is the first priority.


  1. I think Nasri could be good 1 weeker if Silva is out.

    I have Giroud, but I'm a bit worried he didn't start the CL against Schalke @ ES.

    So far he has 90 minutes only in the away games.

  2. Sorry so late here as I was trying to fix my data set. So annoying...

    Nasri is a very interesting pick and one that I like. However, given the rules (one defender/attacker per team) I am not sure I would pick him over Aguero. In real life, you should be maxing out your city attack options this week against a pretty bad Swansea defense.

    I have no idea what is going on with Giroud. I was contemplating moving him in for Lambert but him being benched today stopped all that. What is Wenger doing? Gervinho is not a striker and should never be considered one. Quite frankly, I am a bit concerned as a Santi owner; he is not a huge goal scorer and he needs a finisher in front of him.

    As for my pal's team this week, I probably would have taken a City defender rather than Hart and went with Mignolet instead. I probably would go with Clichy as both outside defenders have a real shot to score and should gather a clean sheet. The picks of Lowton and Holman are extremely interesting. I have to say I would probably not go with a Villa attack option and would have instead would have went with Lallana as I think Southie score a couple against a mediocre Spurs defense. That frontline is pretty nice though I suspect Guroud would be subbed out had this been published after the Schlake game (maybe for Berbatove, perhaps).

    All in all, a pretty solid team.

  3. Hello Joe,
    As you were considering Mignolet,
    I am guessing you feel Sunderland will have a clean sheet,
    but in your main article you routed for Walters and wilson,
    There's a paradox there, please can you shed more light on this,
    Finally what are yours thoughts on Fletcher (SUN)?

  4. Hey Anon. JohnDoe's comments in which he opts for Mig. were seperate to the main article in which I plumped for Walters & Wilson.

  5. Cheers for clarifying that,
    kind regards