Monday 1 October 2012

6 Week Team Analysis - Tottenham

Last season Spurs had a fantastic run of form which just petered out towards the end.  New manager Villas-Boas has been much criticised already this season but what do their stats say after six gameweeks and what's on offer for the fantasy manager?

Team Form


Excluding the Reading game Tottenham have scored the same number of goals over the corresponding fixtures this season as they did in 11/12,   Their accuracy in front of goal is the same but they are getting themselves less shooting opportunities in the box, with players like Sigurddson, Bale and Defoe guilty of unproductive long range efforts.  This facet of their play has improved in their last three games, as has their goal return, and the signs are there that they are beginning to click.

Again, a very similar goals against this season in the same fixtures as in Redknapp's last season at the helm, with an identical opponent's shot accuracy. too  The key difference this season so far though has been the amount of shots Spurs have allowed in their penalty box, up considerably from last year and constant across the 6 fixtures so far with the exception of the West Brom game.  This is a sure indication that Villas-Boas high pressing game is leaving their defence exposed.

Gareth Bale and Jermaine Defoe dominate the attacking play for Spurs but neither have registered significant interest yet from FPL managers.  Bale's form in particular has been incredible racking up an average of almost 2 shots on target a game, a value closer to a Top 4 Strikers than a midfielder.  After a few years as a frustrating fantasy option there should be no doubt that he is now the real deal.  

As long as he keeps his place in the team, Jermain Defoe is also a rock solid option for your lineup.  The form and role of Clint Dempsey should be monitored very closely.

Tottenham have yet to match the form they showed under Redknapp, with both their defensive and offensive form slightly down from last season.  The signs are there though that the attacking aspect of AVB's second Premiership "project" is starting to come together, giving players like Bale and Defoe and perhaps Dempsey real occasion to bag you fantasy points. In defence things aren't so promising and as a team they are struggling to maintain the type of defensive solidity that yields clean sheets.


  1. Hi Steve! Just one word for you mate-awesome!! Your analysis are always spot-on, and the prospect of reading your posts everyday is irresistible! Great work, especially like your F.Score field. Your post push me towards trying to be different from the herd, and are always enlightening. Keep up the good work, and cheers!!

  2. Thanks G. Really appreciate this kind of feedback and am glad I can give some insights to the FPL community.