Saturday 20 October 2012

GW8 FPL Captain Options

(C) GW8

Above are my rankings for Captain Picks this weekend.  Straightforward enough I hope. 

Below is my Captain Schedule which has a permanet home on the menu bar of this site.  It's very important to have a good view to your captain selections over the next few weeks and lining these guys up is a good use your free transfer.  

It's frankly impossible to predict who will score and not score on any given day but it is reasonable to expect to forecast returns over a longer period of games.  

To this end, what I have done is listed all likely armband contenders over the next 6 weeks and highlighted those with the "Best 3" projected results (in green).  I would say that if you captain these players in green you will not be too far off over the 6 week period.   Note:  the "worst" three fixtures are picked out in red text in the chart below.  This does not necessarily indicate a bad fixture, just that relative to the other guys in the list it's not so good.

edit:  added Aguero, fixed Giroud


  1. Didn't realise Suarez would rank so highly in next 6 weeks.

    Maybe good idea to add Aguero/Tevez to table?

    I think theres a typo with Torres. Should be Giroud. Thinking about grabbing him myself.

  2. Added Aguero. Fixed Giroud. Thanks for pointing these out.