Friday 5 October 2012

GW7 Buying Guide

Short to Mid-Term Transfer Targets (GW 7-12)

Welcome to my updated Buying Guide for GW7 through to GW 12.  It's not  a good idea to make transfers at this stage of the season focused on just one weekend,

I've included Form Tables for all players featured in this guide.  You can see more of each players stats. and anyone you are interested in but I have missed on their respective clubs Team Page

New entries in this guide are coloured in orange. There won't be a great deal of change from week to week, as you'd hope!

A note on the selections:
The current form indicator (yellow/green in the Form Table) is calculated from an aggregate of key stats during those matches - predominantly minutes played, shots on target and key passes.  The projected form (blue in the table) is determined from the expected number of goal in the fixture and the player's typical involvement in the attacking play (e.g. % of shots taken, etc.). 

Short Term Fix?
My GW7 Select XI is Cech / Clichy Johnson Olsson / Silva Ramirez Oscar Michu / Ba Lambert Lukaku.  Bale, Defoe and Hazard should also be considered.

Wit the exception of Oscar all of these actually feature in the guide so are more than just a one week punt.

One of the most important aspects of FPL is your Captain Pick and it's not a bad idea to plan your transfers around getting the best players in.  Take a look at my guide for Captain Options to help you see who may be a good (C) in the coming weeks.


Berbatov and Suarez remain for me the two top options with form and fixtures plus world-class goal scoring records. The numbers maintain that Lukaku and Fletcher will do well too although both have perhaps been a touch fortunate to date and I'm not sure I would buy just yet.

 Elite strikers options continue to pose fantasy mangers all kinds of dilemma with threat of rotation around CL matches and competition for place with Aguero and Tevez being my top picks in this category.   It is still my opinion to stay clear for now with tantalising mid price buys of the aforementioned Suarez and Berbatov, plus the likes of Jelavc and Ba making it easier for you to leave out one of the traditional 'Big 4' strikers.  Defoe has not made the cut this week due to concerns midterm over his place in the team (great option for GW7 though!).

If you are in the mood for some risk taking cast your eye over the afore-mentioned Lukaku or the sprightly Kone of Wigan, who makes his debut on the Buying Guide.  Lambert however is obviously the prime pick if you want a cheap striker.

Top Points Scored
Berbatov (FUL), Suarez (LIV), Aguero (MCI) Tevez (MCI), Lambert (SOT)

Top Elite Options (>£9m)
Suarez (LIV), Aguero (MCI) Tevez (MCI), RVP (MUN)

Top Mid-Price Options(£6.5m-£9m)
Berbatov (FUL), Suarez (LIV),Fletcher (SUN), Ba (NEW) Jelavic (EVE)

Top Budget Options (<£6.5m)
 Lukaku (WBA), Lambert (SOT), Kone (WIG)

Top Differentials (<5% owned)
Lukaku (WBA) - 2%, Miralllas (EVE) - 0%, Kone (WIG) - 0%


 I'd say the much fancied Eden Hazard (not rated by me so not featured here) has his last chance to shine at home to Norwich this weekend.  But after GW7 continue to look to Santi Cazorla at Arsenal and Gareth Bale, with David Silva due some points anytime soon.

Lower down the price list the usual subjects remain, with Fellaini and Kevin Nolan the best options over the next 6 GW. although the form of Gervinho cannot be ignored for much longer if he contiues up front for Arsenal.  

If you fancy a punt have a look at Jordi Gomez of Wigan and keep your eye on the emergence of Gastom Ramirez of Southampton.He coud the best 6 week punt out there.

Top Points Scored
Cazorla (ARS), Silva (MCI), Bale (TOT)

Top Elite Options (>£8.5m)
Cazorla (ARS), Silva (MCI), Bale (TOT)

Top Mid-Price Options(£5.5m-£8.5m)

Michu (SWA), Nolan (WHM), Fellaini (EVE), Gervinho (ARS) Oscar (CHE), Morrison (WBA), Ramirez (SOT)
Top Budget Options (<£5.5m)
Gomez (WIG), Surman (NOR), Sidwell (FUL), Gera (WBA)

Top Differentials (<5% owned)  
 Ramirez (SOT) =0%  Gomez (WIG) - 1%, Oscar (CH) = 1%, Morrison (WBA) - 2%


Baines remains top pick alongside Ivanovic with Gael Clicy emerging this GW as a top  option.  Seems Mancini is getting around the idea of a settled defence and Clichy looks like City's first choice left-back and has great attacking stats.

 Johnson and Gibbs are your other options without shopping at the charity shop..  With Rafael you're relying on attacking returns though until United remember how to defend.

If you're looking for someone different consider Glen Johnson.  Liverpool should get some clean sheets over the next 6 games.  They are beginning to click under Rodgers and Johnson is very attack-minded.  

Top Points Scored
Baines (EVE), Clichy (MCI), Ivanovic (CHE)

Top Elite Options (>£6m)
Baines (EVE), Ivanovic (CHE), Johnson (LIV)

Top Mid-Price Options(£4.5m-6m)
Rafael (MUN), Gibbs (ARS), Clichy (MCI)

Top Budget Options (<£4.5M)
Williamson (NEW), Clark (AVL), Martin (NOR)

Top Differentials (<5% owned)
Johnson (LIV) - 2%, Heitinga (EVE) - 3%, Luiz (CHE) - 3%

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