Friday 26 October 2012

GW9 Buying Guide

Here we go again.  With both International Breaks now out the way the FPL gamweeks will come around thick and fast.  I will be putting this buying guide out on Wednesday from next week.

The following players were selected using my Point Projection model to have the best ranking over the next six fixture.  Included for each position type is a Form Table which will show you the relative strength of schedule over these 6 fixtures for each player so that you may plan transfers accordingly.  The table also shows current price and ownership as of 26 October.

Aguero holds top spot but be sure to check out my earlier article about the threat of rotation.   Whilst City are still scrapping in Europe this threat is very real.  Berbatov and Suarez, although still top picks in their price range, have been ousted from the overall top scorers by Demba Ba and somewhat suprisngly, Peter Crouch

At the bottom of the price range Pogrebnyak makes his first entry on the Buying Guide.

Top Points Overall
Aguero (£11.1), Crouch (£6.7m), Ba (£8.3m)

Top Elite (>£9.5m)
Aguero, Van Persie (£13.4m), Rooney (£11.8m), Suarez (£9.7m)

Top Midprice (£7.5-9.5m)
Ba,  Jelavic (£8.5m), Giroud (£8.4m)

Top Low Price (£6-7.5m)
Crouch, Fletcher (£7.4m) , Berbatov (£7m), Kone (£6.5m), Lambert (£6.3m)

Top Budget (<£6m)
Di Santo (£5.4m), Pogrebnyak (£4.7m), Rodallega (£5.8m)

Top Differential (<5% owned)
Kone (1%), Giroud (1%), Di Santo (1%) 


David Silva, despite a potential absence this weekend, has to be included here as the top potential points earner over the next six weeks, along with Gareth Bale and Juan Mata.  Santi Cazorla actually just misses out these listings, as do Eden Hazard.

QPR's Junior Hoilett makes a really interesting low price differential picks for the next few weeks, projected by my model to rack up the 4th highest points for all midfielders over the next 6.

Top Scorers Overall
Bale, Silva, Mata

Top Elite (>£8.5m)
Bale, Silva, Mata

Top Midprice (£7-8.5m)
Fellaini, Toure, Nasri

Top Low Price (£6-7m)
Morrison, Lallana, Walters, Nolan

Top Budget (<£6m)
Hoilett, Sterling, Kightly

Top Differential (<5% owned)
Hoilett (1%), Morrison (4%), Lallana (2%)

Not much change here from lat week with Baines holding top spot and Evra & Clichy cementing their places as potential top scorers.  Other selections are made up of cheap entries into the league's best teams with the likes of Evans, Zabaleta and Jenkinson (although be wary of Sagna for the latter).

Top Points Overall
Baines, Evra, Clichy

Top Elite (>£6.5m)
Baines, Evra, Johnson

Top Midpriced (£5.5-6.5m)
Clichy, Zabaleta, Evans

Top Low Priced (£5-5.5m)
Jenkinson, Heitinga,

Top Budget (<£5m)
Clark, Lowton, Wilson

Top Differential (<5% owned)
Zabalate (3%), Clark (2%), Johnson (2%)


  1. I noticed no Fellaini in your buying guide. I would assume that is because he is a doubt this weekend? If not, he looks like a monster to me with huge potential returns against SUN(H), NOR(H), RDG(A) and adequate returns against LIV(H), FUL(A), and ARS(H). He would seem to be the highest rated mid-priced midfield option available.

    Interested in your thoughts as I plan on bringing him next week for Toure while I await Silva's return to health.

    I should also note that early indications are that he will play this weekend although that is not a certainty.

  2. Yeah, I had exlcued Fellaini from my data from last week and did not update it for this.
    Rest assured, Fellaini is back in the guide.