Friday 19 October 2012

GW8 FPL Buying Guide

Welcome to my Buying Guide for Gameweek 8.  The players featured here have not been selected based on a one week punt.  They are players who I have forcasted to do the as week as or better than any other player in their category.  Not every player picked has a great game every week, no player does, so for this reason I have included a Form table for all the players featured, so that you may plan your own cunning transfers.

Again, as you would hope, there has not bee a great deal of change to the player picks this week from Gameweek 7's guide.  The notable new entry is Olivier Giroud who I'll cover in more detail under the Forwards section.  The opening few gameweeks of the fantasy season are always a bit of a scramble to take advantage of new talent arriving  in the league (Hazard, Michu) and players emerging as a cheap option on a a good team (Rafael, Jenkinson).  By now though, things are stabilising and we are starting to get a real feel for the trends in the league.  on to the players!

I'm still keen on Berbatov and Suarez to lead the way over the next few weeks.  Aguero is the other player likely for top, top points but can you rely on his gametime?  He only has to miss out on a nice home fixture and his value plummets.

As mentioned, Arsenal's Oliver Giroud has now entered the reckoning.  He put in statistically the 2nd best performance of the season away at West Ham in his last match, after Van Persie's St, Mary's hat-trick.   Another performance like that and he'll top my picks.  I personally am weighing up a move for him this week to replace Defoe.  Peter Crouch also gets his first selection ahead of some  plum fixtures.

Top Point Scorers (highest forcast points GW8-13)
Berbatov, Suarez, Aguero

Top Elite (>£9.5m)
Aguero, Van Persie (not shit, but in this order)

Top Midpriced (£7-9.4m)
Berbatov, Suarez, Ba, Fletcher, Giroud

Top Low-Priced (<£7m)
Lambert, Kone, Crouch, Di Santo.

A bit of a shake-up here with the injuries to Silva and Fellaini, and to a lesser extent Ramirez of Southampton.  To be honest, I can't call the expected performance of Yaya Toure and Nani as the top picks.  My gut feeling is that Silva's injury will promote Toure into a more advanced role.  In my analysis of City after GW6 I proposed his early season advanced role was due to Silva's absence from the team, but Silva could well be back next week.

Top Point Scorer
Cazorla, Bale, Yaya/Nani

Top Elite (>£8m)
Cazorla, Bale, Yaya/Nani

Top Midpriced (£6-8m)
Nolan, Pienaar, Morrison, Oscar

Top Low Price (<£6m)
Gera, Kightly, Surman/Snodgrass

Top Differential (<5% owned)
Oscar, Gera, Nani

The attacking full-backs in teams who can keep clean sheets remain my top picks overall - Baiens, Johnson and Rafael/Evra, and after that cheaper or cheapish ways into the league's best teams, Clichy, Gibbs, Zabaleta.  In the low price range Stoke's Marc Wilson and Villa's Clark stand out.

Top Point Scorers
Johnson, Baines, Rafael, Evra

Top Elite (>£6m)
Johnson, Baines, Evra, Ivanovic

Top Midpriced (£5-6m)
Rafael, Gibbs, Clichy, Zabaleta

Top Budget (<=£5m)
Wilson, Clark, Olsson


  1. Suarez's performance @ Noriwch is not the top performance of the season? I would have thought otherwise.

    Really like Johnson for the next few fixtures. Strongly considering pulling him in.

  2. Performance (F.SCORE) is based on underlying stats, so actual goals scored do not count.

    Anichebe vs SWA: 10 S, Sin 10, SoT 5, 4 KP F.SCORE = 148 1 goal
    RVP vs SOT: 11 S, 8 Sin, 5 SoT, 1 KP F.SCORE = 132 3 goals
    Giroud vs WHM: 8 S, 7 Sin, 4 SoT, 1 KP F.SCORE = 113 1 goal, 1 assit
    Bale vs QPR: 4 S, 4 Sin, 4 SoT, 5 KP F.SCORE = 100 1 assist
    Suarez vs NOR: 6 S, 4 Sin, 3 SoT, 3 KP F.SCORE - 93 3 goals, 1 assist

    So Mr.Suarez scored with every shot on target and his 1 of 3 KP.

    How do you perceive these performances & F.SCORES vs. results on the pitch?

  3. Ahh...I had thought you added a bonus for actual goals scored. That makes sense.

    I think the FScore does a good job showing involvement and offensive threat. That's probably solid for now.

    Funny that was the only game RVP did anything to justify his price point. Since then he's been wholly mediocre.