Friday 26 October 2012

GW9 Captain Rankings

These are the six players of which I expect most points this weekend and are therefore good captain candidates.  Ba, Aguero, Crouch, Giroud, Cazorla and Bent.  I will be captaining either Giroud or Ba.

Fantasy Football Scout currently have the top 6 in their poll as Cazorla, Bale, Tevez, Ba, Aguero, Van Persie.

I've started a discussion on the FPL Analytical forum about the best way to measure and evaluate the success of these all important captain picks.  A smart fellow named El Traca has proposed a statistical study which we will be attempting to follow up.  If you have any thoughts or suggestions on this then please have your say on the forum.

Looking ahead to the next 6 gameweeks I've highlighted below who I predict to have a great chance to return decent armband hauls.  In Green are the top 3 fixtures in that gameweek.  The red text does not indicate a bad fixture per se, just it's not as good as the others.

When planning your transfers identifying captain picks one or two weeks in advance is a smart move.


  1. Surprised Bale does not make the captain list with his away form and SOU defensive record. Currently I have it on Ba with Bale Vice, but the majority seem to favor Bale.

  2. Just had a closer look at this match up SOT vs Bale, and I stick by it. I wanted to limit the list to 5 players and I still think the above all have a greater chance of a goal than Bale - although I have him, and will play him of course.

  3. Bale should be on the 6 week match up though. I'll fix that up.

  4. I've got Newcastle scoring 1.71 goals and the Spurs at 1.62. Considering Ba is involved in almost every goal Newcastle scores, he seems like a fine choice.

    Aguero is easily the way to go IF he starts. If you have Aguero on your team you should definitely be captaining him this week, IMO. I would guess he either starts and plays 70+ or sits the entire thing out (I doubt he will get subbed on as I fully expect MCI to kcik the living Hell out of Swansea). So you are looking pretty if he goes this week.

    Personally, I am captaining Ba after I pick him up this week. Cazorla will probably be my Vice.