Monday 31 December 2012

GW20 Match Centre

Crikey, right?

Van Persie.  Unstoppable.

More crikey.

The law of averages seems to have exacted revenge on Jelavic this season...

...and turned it's favour to Suarez.

Something here about the law of averages and Adebayor :)  Could be a nice differential for GW21 vs. Reading.

No comment.

Despite the loss Fulham matched the league average for SOT, Sin against Swanswa so could be on the way back up to a decent attacking side.  Unlike Berbatov to miss the target so much.  Ruiz buzzed.

Woeful from Villa.  Really was.  Abandon ship!  Kone cements his place as very reliable for £6.5m

Don't think anyone saw this coming. 


  1. Great website, thanks for posting these stats up. I'm a bit confused to how they differ from the FPL data though, e.g. Lambert was credited with 2 assists, but your data shows 0. Thanks

  2. Hi. There's a difference between what Opta class as an assist and what FPL do. I'm not sure exactly what the difference is and I do try and manual alter the data but often miss one. Like this time.

  3. Thanks for the reply! I'm guessing Opta are stricter and take a more traditional view of assist, whereas FPL include penalty wins, shots back off post etc. I'd say the Opta stats are more informative of a players worth in that sense