Sunday 23 December 2012

GW18 Top Players

Here are the top 15 players from this weekend's games, as ranked by my F.SCORE metric which only factors in a players underlying data.  A lot of Liverpool and Chelsea players in the list this week.  No surprises after a combined 12 goals between them. I am particular impressed with Luiz who's midfield role for Chelsea and aplomb from free kicks looks tantalising. 

Hats (or dreads) off to Pienaar too who breaks up the Liverpool/Chelsea dominance.  He still doesn't get himself in scoring opportunities in the box for my liking.  I am surprised personally to see Rooney in the list but with only 2 out of 8 shots coming from within the penalty box I'm not really surprised he did not score.  Elsewhere, Michu is the man.

Check out the Top Players page for the updated 6 week and Season F.SCORE tables. Suarez still leads the way (statistically) despite just 1 goal from theses last 6 fixtures but Michu is right on his heels with a couple of alternative options in Sessegnon and Snodgrass staking a claim within the top 15 performers list.

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