Wednesday 19 December 2012

Christmas Competition!

I hope you are reading this sitting down as here before you is the opportunity to win yourself a once in a lifetime prize - a first edition Shots on Target Coffee Mug!  Allow me to expand on some of the amazing features this stylish prize includes:
  • Waterproof!  Inside and Out!
  • Slightly poor colour reproduction!
  • Open top for oral consumption of liquids!
  • Will seriously wow friends and colleagues!
  • Sturdy build harnessing the geometric strength of the circle !
  • Thermal Insulation*!
  • And many more!

You can win this.  No, really.

All you have to do earn yourself this wonderful prize is answer the following questions...
Q1,  How many shots on target will their be in Gameweek 18 of the Premier League?
The answer will be determined from the Opta data available on Fantasy Football Scout.  My decision is final (no squabbling).  If no-one gets the exact answer then the closet wins. In the event of a tie the following questions will come into play...

Q2. How many shots in the penalty box will there be in GW18?
Q3. How many shots in total will there be?
Again, the data for these will be obtained via Opta/FFS. 

Answer all three questions.  If there are multiple people with the same winning answer for Q1 then I'll move to Q2, then to Q3.  

You can put your answer in the comments section or if you'd prefer send via email to  If you win I'll obviously need your address and will ship worldwide.

 Good luck!

* note: mug will not hold molten lava, etc.


  1. Q1 - 94
    Q2 - 125
    Q3 - 198

    Cant believe the mug cant hold lava :( lol

  2. Q1 - 107
    Q2 - 132
    Q3 - 183 djeniks70 at

  3. Replies
    1. And hope I win! Need a present for the fiance!

  4. Q1 - 95
    Q2 - 129
    Q3 - 202

  5. Q1 - 89
    Q2 - 111
    Q3 - 222

  6. Q1 - 96
    Q2 - 155
    Q3 - 255

    ps dont think you meant to include the rogue j in your email address? wouldn't want you to miss out on all you thousands of worldwide readers....