Friday 7 December 2012

GW16 Predicted Scores [by SuperGrover]

Without further ado I once again welcome Sabremetric Pro SuperGrover to share with you his GW16 team ratings, predicted scores and the movers and shakers from last week's games.  SuperGrover uses a combination of Opta match data such as shots, shots on target, big chances, etc. to rate each team's offensive and defensive ability. 

If Gameweek 14 was an annoyance, Gameweek 15 was an abhorrence, at least for this fantasy league player.  An injury to Gareth Bale, a couple unforeseen benching, and a fifth yellow for a certain Uruguayan striker made for an unpleasant weekend.  Nonetheless, I am back again with a review of the week and ratings and predictions for Gameweek 16