Saturday, 15 December 2012

GW17 Predicted Scores [by SuperGrover]

Once again I have the pleasure of welcoming weekly contributor SuperGrover to the site for hsis weekly evaluation of last week's Premier League games and forecast of the games ahead.  @shots_on_target

We’ve introduced a new feature this week, the best and worst attacking performances of the week.  Below you will see the best and worst three attacks of the week when compared to the overall average of the league on the season.  For instance, Wigan’s performance against QPR generated 58.9% more offensive potential than the league’s average in 2012.   

Please note that these are measures of raw offensive output and are not impacted by opposition strength, game location, or team form.  I hope these will help shed some light on the underlying team ratings as well as provoke some discussion and hopefully constructive criticisms.

Performances of the Week (GW16)

Best Attacking Performance
Manchester City +73.0%
Wigan +58.9%
Fulham +54.3%

Worst Attacking Performance
Stoke  -100.0%
Reading (vs. Sot) -72.0%
West Brom -62.6%

That’s right; Stoke had the worst possible performance against Villa this week.  They generated no shots on target, no big chances, and only a single shot in the box.  Quite impressive in their futility, really.

Elsewhere, yours truly finally had an above average game week thanks to succumbing to the allure of Michu.  No one can deny his beauty as a fantasy asset this season, at least until the next big thing.

Here are the rankings for this week, followed by the predicted socres and some notes and commentary.