Monday 3 December 2012

GW15 Top Ranked Players

Not a great week for forwards in general this week with 4 out of the top 6 players being defenders.  Note that clean sheet potential based on shots on target conceded is factored in to the F.SCORE and as a reminder the score is based on underlying data only and not actual goals scored or assists made.

I have updated the Top Players page with the six week score and season scores.  Looking at this and comparing the 6 week to the  full15 weeks of the season we can see which players have sustained good points potential and which players have not, as well as those that are possibly on the up.  Suarez, Fellaini, Van Persie, Bale and Michu of course feature high in both lists.  

I would say Cazorla, Berbatov and Kevin Nolan are the most noticeable players to have dropped significantly down in the recent rankings, with Enrique and Puncheon those players on the up.  Enrique's position this GW F.SCORE though is promising, especially as he was moved back into the full back role, a very attacking one though it seems, albeit at home against a supposed weaker team.

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