Monday 24 September 2012

My GW5 Wildcard Team

My new Wildcard team did spankingly in GW5 scoring my 85 pts and propelling me into the Top 10K Overall and top of my ML by 25 pts.

I had to WC due to injuries to Nasri, BAE and less so to Cuellar and Federici, plus major rotation risks hanging over DDG and Zabaleta.  I was also not too keen on RVP, again an expensive rotation risk and I don’t think he’s worth the money anyway  I had Ireland too who is also now out injured.

So it ended up to be an inspired wildcard window with me swapping:




Berbatov, Bale and Demel survived the cull.  I also have £3.3m in the bank and I’m not yet sure how to spend it.

I had many decisions to make. One was whether to switch one of Gibbs or Metesacker for Rafael but the end I am convinced that Arsenal are going to be an elite defence this year and at £5.5m and £5.1m the two are a steal.. 

Next up was whether or not Tevez should replace one of my front three.  The absence of any City or United, or indeed any elite striker option vexed me greatly.  In the end I decided that all the elite options pose too much of a rotation risk around Champion’s League games.  Van Persie is not worth the money, for almost the same price you can get Baines and Berbatov.   

The big risk with not owning elite forward in this mould is missing on big caption point hauls, so I took a look at the forthcoming fixtures and potential captain options.   I will attempt to cover this aspect through other players and transfers.  I feel Ba & Berbatov offer me a captain option with the right fixtures, and fancy Cazorla or Mirallas/Fellaini for the forthcoming gameweek.

The two decisions I am already kicking myself about are Hazard instead of Cazorla and Pienaar over Fellaini.  I am kicking myself as for the both these choices I was swayed by subjective opinion despite the numbers telling me different.  Conventional wisdom had it that Fellaini was going soon to play a deeper role and that Hazard was the best player these fair shores have ever seen.  It’s not that Hazard and Pienaar are bad picks, just that Cazorla and Fellaini are probably better, and I knew it.

I also pondered Shelvey instead of Sidwell for my 5th midfielder but this was a bit of a punt really and not really of any great significance.

My transfer plans over the next few gameweeks will centre on getting my captains lined up.  Hazard for Cazorla and/or a punt on Defoe to Mirallas are top of my immediate thoughts.  I need to update the numbers from GW5 into the Team and Captain projection first.


  1. Hi Ste,

    First time reader, I really enjoy your writings. Good WC team, seems to be solid for the upcoming GWs.

    I'm also tempted with Mirallas. His numbers are impressive, esp considering that he is played on the right wing (I guess this might be irrelevant as long as he produces the goods) & he's not yet 100% fit (so he can only get better?).

    However, I'm wondering if his minutes will not be threatened by Naismith or Anichebe (who has been used in similar position in the past and, admittedly,pants, but his numbers are also very good last week). Can you shed some light on this.



    1. Hello Rob, thanks for comment! Seems like you are clued up on Everton's options and past formations (fan?) so I wouldn't say I could shed any more light on this than you. My opinion is that Moyes would be daft not to stick with Mirallas as his right-sided forward and I don't think his minutes will be dampened by either Naismith or Anichebe - he's better than them.

      He's not really a winger either, the way Eveton play it's all down the left, so whoever it is out on the right ineveitably ends up drifting in centrally.

      He's an excellent punt for the home game against Southampton and I am getting more and more tempted. Be important to wait and see Moye's lineup against Leeds in the Cup this week though.

    2. If you have not seen this already you will enjoy it :)

    3. That youtube link is blocked here in Germany :( ,,,, but, yes, Mirallas is starting to look a very good signing by Moyes, much better option on that side than Donovan?

      I used to work in Liverpool for several years, teaching at the Uni, before coming back to Germany. I have to say that Everton is probably my favorite side in England. Good team with likable players, a very good manager who seems to be a decent fella, an old-fashioned stadium that can provide truly intimidating atmosphere at times. The only obvious team to support in the city for a foreigner like me !

      I think it's a blessing that you guys did not qualify for Europe last season. This might be the season to savour by all bluenoses.