Saturday 29 September 2012

Around the Web - GW6 Dream Teams

This is going to have to be quick and dirty this week as I am pushed for time.

Scout Picks 3-4-3 Fantasy Football Scout 
 Mig / Johnson Huth Baines / HBA Pienaar Fellaini Caz / Fletch RVP Aguero

Dream Team 3-4-3
Mig / Rafa Baines Huth / Pienaar HBA Fellaini Caz / Fletch Ba RVP

My Select XI 3-5-2 
Beg / Baines Gibbs Johnson / Caz HBA Hoilett Fellaini* / Fletch RVP Mirallas

* one change to my provisional team posted Tuesday.  I originally limited myself to just one attacking player from each team, but as both The Scout and Total FPL have doubled up on Everton I will do the same.  Fellaini comes in for Rafael and I will stick with my original choice of Mirallas.

Lots in Common Again!
Baines, HBA, Fellaini, Fletcher, Cazorla and RVP in all 3 teams.  Piennar, Huth, Johnson and Mignolet in 2 teams.  Differentials are Aguero (I know), Ba, Hoilett, Mirallas and Gibbs.

Quickly running these three teams through my model I get the following points forecast.  Golakeepers excluded.

The Scout   -  65 pts
Total FPL - 67 pts
My Select XI  -  71pts

Let's go.

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