Saturday 15 September 2012

GW4: My Line-up and Transfers Made

My current team ahead of the customary Friday night Tinker is in the stats. table below.  , selected players picked out in orange.  The first column in dark blue is the projected points for GW4 and totting up my team gives me 50 pts (no capt. no GK) so I can hope for 62 pts if I was actually clairvoyant rather than a man with a computer.  The dream teams I looked at in my previous post were closer to the 60 pts mark (pre-capt, no GK) so I might be pushed to say my team was performing at 80% of optimum, or I might not say that, as maybe it's bullshit.  

I've also got a projected value over the next 6 gameweeks for each player.  Glancing through I can see I can see Bale, Graham, Noble and, yes, RVP, are providing me with less value than they should for their cost, over GW 4-9.  However, RVP is RVP, and a strong (C) option makes all the difference.  This weekend's fixture is the best he'll have for the next several weeks so he stays, for now.  The prime candidate for a swap is Gareth Bale.  Until Tottenham show some form under AVB £9.4m is just too much to invest.  Santi Cazorla was an obvious swap despite a couple of tough fixtures in GW5 & 6, but he coud do enough against Southampton to pay back the investment straight away.  Bye bye Gareth.
GW4 Team prior to any Transfers

With the money from this transfer (£0.3m) I have decided to take a 4pt hit as well to bring in Berbatov for Danny Graham.  I see this as a good move short and long-term, adds plenty of value to my team, and there is the hype to back up this up - Funny Feeling Friday, Spot the Differential & Fantasy Gaffer,  which I admit has influenced my descision.

Anyway.  here is my final squad and lineup going into GW4 which is now has an improved projected points from 50 to 57.  14% more optimum!  Billy Beane would be so proud.


Good luck everyone!!!


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