Sunday 23 September 2012

F.SCORE Top Ranked - Season So Far

Following on from the top ranked players during GW5 here are the top ranked players for the season so far.  Looks a good bunch of players to own.  The ranking is based purely on underlying stats - mainly shots on target and key passes.  Read how here.

If you take a look back at the table from  GW3 you can start to get an idea about who's initial promise has faded away, whilst genuine FPL stars like Bale and Baines are holding their own.  Arsenal's Cazorla remains at the top, it's only a matter of time before this boy explodes.  Credit to Lambert too.  Proper goal-scorer.

Note:  No Eden Hazard, he just got lucky in those first couple of games you know, and now has regressed, as you no doubt expected.  Hazard to Cazorla for GW6?  Why not.

Next are the players who represent the best value for money through the first 5 gameweeks.  It's harder to rank these guys at this stage of the season, some cheapie only has to have a few shots to get to his name on the board.  Should tell a better story in a few more weeks but I am sure you can pick out the genuine options here (Gibbs, Lambert, Nolan, perhaps Kightly, maybe Sidwell, maybe Puncheon).

F.S/£ = F.SCORE per £.

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