Friday 14 September 2012

Around the Blogs - Dream Teams

Not sure if this is the done thing or not but I'm going to be comparing my selected XI for GW4 with other site's choices.  I do this to see how I'm doing.  I'm pretty sure both the site's below  take a look at stats and fixtures and stuff so I want to see how mine compares.

TOTAL FPL:  3-4-3
Ruddy / Hughes Jenkinson Rafael / Michu Cazorla Hazard Pienaar / Tevez RVP Berba

FF Scout  3-5-2
Ruddy /  Verm Baines Rafael / Hazard Cazorla Pienaar Snodgrass Michu / RVP Tevez

Shots on Target:  3-4-3
DDG / Baines Jenkinson Kolaorv / Snodgrass Fellaini Silva Cazorla / Vaz Te RVP Ruiz

Some common themes - 9 players,  Ruddy, Jenkinson, Hazard, Pienaar, Snodgrass, Baines, Rafael, Tevez, & Michu,  feature in 2 out of 3 the teams, with RVP & Cazora in all 3.  Even where the teams differ a bit the same team's are featured - Fellaini vs. Pienaar, Ruiz vs Berbs.  Rafael vs. DDG.  Overall my team is slightly different to the other two.

I'm pretty pleased that I have come up with a team in the same overall mould as the other sites.  It means my prediction model is getting something right!

Running these three teams into my model I get the following points total:  (points are minus GK as they aren't included in my model yet).

TOTAL FPL          - 59 pts   £77.9m   Avg. ownership 19%
FFSCOUT           -  59 pts    £81.7m  Avg. ownership  20%
Shots on Target   -  63 pts  £74.4m   Avg. ownership 11%

Let's see what happens in the real world!  I will follow this up after Monday and am prepared to eat humble pie :)  Now to get to work on my actual team for the weekend rather than theoretical dream teams. 

Disclaimer:  If Ruiz doesn't start tomorrow I will switch him for Berbs!  That's allowed :)

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