Tuesday 4 September 2012

All Fantasy Team Pages now updated post-GW3

Finally got through all 20 of the Premier League teams.  Phew!  Glad I don't have to do this every week.  Oh... wait.   Actually, a lot of time this week has been spent setting up the templates and format and writing queries to grab the data from various sources.  Should be much quicker fro GW4 and I can start getting to the next stage of my plans for this site.  I'm going to start adding commentary and conclusions from the data for a start.

I haven't gone through the pages with a fine tooth yet, so If any errors or the like are spotted please let me know, particularly the stuff like red cards and injuries, which I am having to enter manually.

Below is a look at fantasy darlings Swansea City.  The rest of the teams can be found on the right hand side toolbar of the blog under the heading 'Fantasy Team Pages'.  Personally the data below can tell me quite a bit.  Before I had really had a good look at the data I brought in Graham, partly to release funds for RVP in a slight panic before the Utd v Fulham game, but also swayed but the Swan's fixtures and the surrounding hyperbole.  

Looking at his stats though, just 1 SoT on target per game for a striker in a team that are scoring lots of goals makes me wonder about owning him, plus he has a fairly high ownership so is hardly a differential  It's easy to see too that all the threat is coming from the midfield.  

You know this already of course, but so did I and I still brought him in.  Mind you, these kind of stats should net Graham 10-12 goals this season, and at £6.0m that maybe fair return, but statistically, at this tick of the clock, I think there are better options at this price, and this kind of analysis will be the focus of my thoughts as the season unfolds.

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