Friday 21 September 2012

Around the Web: Dream Teams

I did this for GW4 and I'm doing it again, comparing my Select XI to those Dream Teams or 'Team of the Week' on other Fantasy Premier League blogs and sites.

 The purpose being to compare my objective and statistically optimised team with those that may (or may not, I don't know) have been picked from a more subjective perspective, with some stats mixed in as well I'm sure.

Last week I got quite a bit wrong,  mostly selecting 3 players who didn't even feature.   Other than that I didn't do too bad and I'll try not to make the same mistake this week.

I'm just going to do the 11 outfield players, no subs, this will follow on in later weeks.

Scout Picks 4-4-2 Fantasy Football Scout

Jaaskelainen /  Ivanovic Vertonghen McCauley Baines / Haz Michu Nolan HBA / RVP  Defoe

Dream Team - to follow*

Hot Picks XI 3-4-3 Fantasy Premier League Hints
Cech / Ivanovic Demel Walker / Haz Sterling Bale Michu HBA /Tevez  RVP

My Select XI 3-5-2 

Cech / Walker Fox Olsson / HBA Haz Nolan Morrison Bale / Defoe  Ba

Common themes - Hazard and Ben Arfa are in all teams.  Are they in your team this weekend?  

RVP, Defoe, Michu, Nolan, Bale, Cech, Ivanovic and Walker are in two teams and there are commonalities between Tottenham, West Ham, West Brom and Chelsea's defensive options (Vertong/Walker, Cech/Ivanovic, Demel/Jassk, McAuley/Olsson).  

This leaves the differentials being Baines for The Scout, Sterling and Tevez for FPLH and Fox, Morrison and Ba for my team.  To be fair to The Scout they don't pick two players from the same team in either attacking or defensive slots.  If I did this I'd probably swap Bale and Ba for Berbatov and Lambert, or maybe just go with Van Persie and someone else.  I'll do this next time around.

Anyway, I have run each of the teams through my model to get a F.SCORE and predicted points total for each.  Goalkeepers are not included in any of the points forecasts or budgets.

The Scout      52pts   £78.2m   Avg. ownership 19%
FPLH             49 pts  £80.2m   Avg. ownership 24%
Me                  57pts   £70.7m   Avg. ownership 12%

Note:  my team will always have the most points forecast as it's optimised to be just that.  Real life will tell a different tale I'm sure.

* - hopefully I can get Total FPL's team into this before kick off.

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