Thursday 20 September 2012

GW5 Buying Guide

The following is my Buying Guide for GW5 looking at short term and mid-term buy options up to and including GW10 at the beginning of November.   I will recommend my top picks in each position regardless of price, so typically the elite players, as well as my budget picks in each position for the forthcoming fixtures.   All players represent value for their price.

Following this I'll look at the all important captain choice, presenting the likely top candidates for your armband pick over the next 6 weeks with an overview of their relative fixture strength.  I'm not going to get into any much commentary at this time, as none really needed.  I will provide a bit more detail on my picks in the future when the season's data is a bit more mature.

The Buying Guide will be a regular feature on the blog as a page on the top menu.

For a quick fix take a look at my GW 5 Select XI.

Short-Term (GW 5 to 7)

Defenders - Baines, Ivanovic, Rangel, Rafael,

Midfielders - Cazorla, Hazard, Silva, Bale, Ben Arfa, Nolan, Morrison, Pienaar

Forwards - Ba, Berbatov, Tevez, Defoe

FWD: Lambert, Rodallega  
MIDS: Sidwell, Ireland, Puncheon  
DEF: Clark, Ben Davies, Fox, Naughton, Demel

Wild Punt:  Lukaka

Mid-Term (GW 5 to 10)

Defenders - Baines, Rafael, Gibbs, Glen Johnson

Midfielders - Cazorla, Hazard, Silva, Bale, Nolan

Forwards - Berbatov, Ba, Suarez, Tevez, Defoe

FWD:  Lambert, Rodallega, Weimann  
MID:  Shelvey, Maloney, Sidwell, Guthrie  
DEF:  Clark, Harte, Naughton

Wild Punt:  Shelvey

Captain Options (GW 5 -10) 
The green/red indicates the top or bottom ranked  fixtures
in each gameweek relative to the other players/fixtures.


  1. Hi Ste,

    Good blog!, I'll be following from now on.

    I notice you put Weimann & Rodallega as an option for mid-term budget FWD. Are they both nailed on in their sides?



  2. Thanks for your comment James. I think you are right, certainly Weimann's place is unsure with Benteke's arrival so I have scrubbed him from this list. Rodellaga has played really well in Ruiz's absence and may get to keep his place so I have left him in. I appreciate the feedback.