Thursday 13 September 2012

GW4 Dream Teams

I've hedged my bets a bit here and done a dream team with RVP and one without him.  I own him right now and am still unsure what to do with him.  Over the next 6 fixtures the home clash with Wigan is the choice plum, after that (liv, TOT, new, STO, che) things aren't so tasty and he'll do well to warrant his price tag over that lot.  So I will probably sell unless he gets a firm green light before the deadline.  For who though I don't yet know.

 These dream teams have been picked in budget and based on the player's form, the respective club's form and the fixture.  It has been statistically generated to return the optimum team based on the player's underlying stats so far this season and not on FPL points scored.  As you can see from this post (Hitting the Target) there is an extremely strong correlation between underlying stats (which I aggregate into my F.SCORE) and a team's FPL points return.  

It's important to note that expecting to predict a single player's performance on a single gameweek is a pretty ludicrous expectation, but expecting to predict 11 players performance over one or two gameweeks is a much more realistic aim.  What one player may lack in fortune on any given the day another should make up.

I'm not a fan of "Team of the Weeks" though, it's a very short term view, and I will have "6 Week Dream Teams", "3 Week Dream Teams" and "Wildcard Dream Teams" available ahead of GW5 or 6.

Anyway, enough of that, on to the teams...

edit:  Made a mistake with the second team.  Vaz Te was never meant to be in  it.  In comes Tevez.

GW4 dream team with Robin Van Perie£80.4m  Aim = 78 pts
GW4 Dream Team with Tevez in for RVP and Yaya for Vaz Te.  £81.4m  Aim = 74pts


  1. Dream teams with Vaz Te and Ruiz is ReTaRdEd.
    Id never own any of the 2

    1. I have no comment to this other than to say you may be right, you may not. Let's see over the weekend. My approach approach is about an overall teamnot single players. Vaz Te and Ruiz allow better picks in the rest of the team.