Friday 11 January 2013

Wildcard Team #6 - Underachievers

This will by my final team this week and will concentrate on those players who have underperformed their stats this season.  They fall below the line.  

On the Projections page you'll see some players are picked out in blue.  These are the players who have a below average deviation (negative) between their projected points and their actual points so far this season.  There is a strong correlation between players actual points and their statistical F.SCORE.  The parameters that are used to determine a player's F.SCORE are the same which drive their points projection, hence there is a relationship between points projection and real points accumulated.  

I will explain all this in more detail as soon as I can but for now...on to the team.  As per the others it is statistically optimised to try every combination of player and formation possible to get the most points for the money spent.

Budget: £103m (13 player squad, £10m reserved for GK)
Restrictions - negative projection-points deviation
Projection:  10 gameweeks.  No clever transfers or rotations sorry.


  • Clearly a bit too money invested in the back line of this team.  A cheaper alternative is Rangel
  • With this team you need to ask yourself - have these players underperformed this season for a reason which will mean they will continue to under perform through to season end, or have they just been a bit unlucky?
  • Don't leave Baines out.  He's still the 3rd highest scoring defender and on a par with most player's his value in any position despite a significant under performance, statistically at least.
  • Cisse and Jelavic are the intriguing options to me.  Everyone remembers this time last season, right?  Jelavic may or may not click back into life and it's a wonder why he hasn't scored more this year but Ba's move away from Newcastle promotes Cisse back into the centre forward position.
  • The midfield feature a few oddballs.  Walters and Nolan are steady points scorers but the very direct manner of their teams means that they create lots of chances quantity but not so much quality. Shelvey really should have scored more if you look at the chances he's had.  Osman and McCLean I'm not so sure about.

This is my last team for the week.  Phew!  I'll ber back later tonight with a summary of each of the six WC teams I've done, it's strengths and weaknesses of each, and I will attempt to piece together the best parts of each into a single team.

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