Tuesday 8 January 2013

Wildcard Team #3 - Medium Team Value

Following on from team #1, a Dream Team with unlimited budget, and team 2, a team optimised with a low budget of £100m here is a team with an improved budget of £103m.  I hope this is representative of a typical team this season.  I've taken a look through teams in some of the minileagues I'm in and this value seems about average. 

As was the case for those first two teams, I have excluded Goalkeepers as they are not built in to the  model . I have set aside a £10m budget for them.  I have split the team selection into two parts too, the first 10 and 3 subs. The team is built using optimisation software that will try every combination of players to find the team with most points for the dosh.

Budget:  £80m First 10 Outfield Players.  £13m for 3 subs.  £10m reserved for two goalies.
Formation:  Determined by optimisation program
Range:  Based on a 10 week flat points projection.  No transfers or clever strategies!
Double Gameweek Points are factored in.