Thursday 3 January 2013

GW21 Top Ranked Players

Leighton blasts his way to the top of the Gameweek F.SCOREs table with this absolutely beaut of a free kick.  Agueor and Suarez are the two fantasy heavy hitters to achieve top scores this week.  You'll note Van Persie's absence no doubt, despite the same brace and assist as team mate Hernandez,  It's the first time he's not been in the top players rankings for a good long while (yet still gets a mention!).  Basically, he scored 2 from 2 shots on target, which is what he does, isn't it.

Looking at the six week form (below) which can always be found here along with the season rankings it will be no surprise to see that Theo Walcott and Luis Suarez fully enjoy their points totals.  Sergio Aguero is still relatively under the radar though his stats in the last few weeks has been top.  Gerrard is another player returning to top form,


  1. I can't see the tables :-( what software am i missing?

  2. None. Are you viewing in a Reader? They are just images/pictures but don't show up in a RSS reader like Google Reade. Do you just see a red cross?

  3. Just a red cross. No reader, just Internet Explorer that I should have ditched years ago! Thanks though!