Monday 7 January 2013

Wildcard Team #2 - Low Team Value

This is going to be a realistic team now compared to my first one which was a Dream Team with unlimited budget.

This team assumes a budget of £100m with £10m put to one side for goalkeepers as my model does not include them. 

The teams are optimised by a computer program which tests every combination of player, projected points and price to determine the best one depending on the input criteria I choose, like budget, formation, number of players.   A reminder that the program does not take rotations or transfer opportunities into account and is a flat 10 week projection.  

It does take the Double Gameweeks into account and for those that are interested I've updated my model to give both Ba and Torres less gametime.

There are two ways of choosing the team, either I put aside a set amount of the budget for the bench players and determine a best 10 and a best 3 (subs) or determine a best overall 13. I've opted to do the first method as too much value on the bench is not so good. 

Budget:  ££77 for First 10, £13m for Bench (£10m reserved for GK)
Formation:  Any
Squad Depth:  10 outfield + 3 bench.

  • The optimisation model has gone for a very clear 3-5-2 and has favoured money spent in defence over heavy hitting strikers. 
  • This is because of value. Berbatov and Fletcher, as well as Fellaini and Michu are great bang for their buck, so too are Gibbs, Zabaleta and Luiz.  
  • This team would have you captaining one of your midfielders most weeks you'd imagine.
  • The subs are a little risky from a playing time point of view.  There is actually £0.8m left over to upgrade.  I am going to do a separate dedicated entirely to the bench.
  • Would I pick this team?  No,  I feel you need at least one elite forward to rely on, but with a low team value this could be the best you can do.  Or is it?

The Van Persie Alternative
I'm a curious fella so I wanted to see what the team would look like if I jammed Robin Van Persie into it Following team is the same setup just with £14m set aside for Van Persie.  We've now gone with a 3-4-3, Luiz has been downgraded to a cheapie from Stoke and Michu and Bale have been dropped in favour of a Nolan & RVP.  £0.1m left.  Essentially, it's Michu, Bale and Luiz OR RVP, Nolan and Wikinson 

(note: I am well aware Wilson is injured but the FPL team I am using to create the images is a dummy team and only has £99m budget so I had to stick in Wilson!)

Which team would you prefer??  Share your thoughts in the comments. 


The Suarez Alternative
One final team for you if I force Suarez or any £11m alternative into the team instead of Van Persie.  Pretty much the same team as the RVP team but Bale comes in for Nolan.  I'd consider that a worthwhile upgrade. 

Through the rest of this week I'll have more Wildcard Teams with higher team values, a differential team and some really, really wild ones :)

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  1. That last team is probably what I would do with just 100 million to spend. I don't see how you can afford RVP in that case, but I also don't see how you could go with the initial forward trio.