Thursday 17 January 2013

GW23 Captain Rankings

With another double gameweek for one of the better teams in the league it's not going to be all that revealing to list the Captain Rankings in the normal fashion so I have split the players into two - those who have a double (WHM & ARS) and those who don't.

First the DGWers...
... and it won't be any surprise to see Walcott and Cazorla head the list.  The next two in Gibbs and Nolan are now surprise either, at least to me.  The F.SCORE distribution for both Walcott and Cazorla is revealing.  Both player's typically get a lowish score with the occasional very high score.  Contrast this with someone like Nolan who rarely (never) gets a truly high score but looks more consistent in hitting his own average performance - i.e. hatricks are rare but he's always gets a few chances.  O'Brien is a doubt with injury.   I think everyone else should make it. 

Now for the non-Doubles...

All hail Lukaku, right?  I've just left him in the rankings this week although marked him as a playing risk, but with Shane Long's injury still present Lukaku is a low risk.  All signs point to Aguero making it too.  I suppose Dzeko should really be considered a risk as well if Aguero makes it back.  But who can tell?

The big news though is whether Suarez will get deployed slightly more withdrawn with Sturridge now in the team and showing he can score goals.  I think Sturridge will play, and this will have to impact Suarez.  A large part of his fantasy value this year has been due his monopoly of Liverpool's attacking chances and this is a role of which Sturridge, oft labelled as selfish, will want to assume.


  1. I disagree with your Suarez viewpoints. He will continue to get a ton of shots even if he doesn't get every shot for Liverpool. Further, I think the shots he get will be of better quality and we will see his accuracy increase. Finally, he should start to see an uptick in his assists totals with Sturridge around. He leads all forwards in chances created by a huge margin (13 over Lambert) but has just 3 real assists (the other two were for a created own goal and a penalty won). If he improves that rate to closer to a more typical 12-14% he would have had an extra 10 points or so, enough to make up for a 2.5 goal drop.

    Basically, I think that Suarez value goes well beyond his monopoly and he is simply a fantastic player. As we've seen with RVP, fantastic players seem to generate points no matter who they are surrounded by.

  2. That's not to say I won't be watching closely as I suspect I will be the only one with Suarez post-WC among the top teams in my league. If he doesn't produce, I've got to move him and move him quickly.

  3. SOT, I totally agree with you on Suarez. his chances per mins and final 3rd receive pass per mins will surely reduced.

  4. Suarez's share will have to change - but we won't know for a while if it's significant enough to alter his opinion. Personally I feel a striker like Sturridge in the team will have to have 20-25% share of his team's shot. Suarez currently has a decent 26% of Liverpools. Something's got to give. Same with Ba and Chelsea actually. If Ba know becomes their "striker" it will reduce Mata's impact. One to watch closely.