Wednesday 9 January 2013

Wildcard Team #4 - High Team Value

This is a team with a value of £106m, fairly high but feasible for those who have cannily played the market this season so far. 

As per the other teams, the players were selected using an optimisation program based on the input criteria.  I've set aside £10m budget for goalies and the first 10 outfield players were determined seperately to the 3 bench players, who were given a £13m chunk of the budget. 

Budget:  £10m reserved for GK, £13m for 3 bench players.  £83m on 10 first team players.
Formation:  Any

This team is based on a flat 10 week points projection without any transfers in or out or rotation. Chris Glover at PremierLeagueFantasyBlog wrote a great article recently about how to use your wildcard to line yourself up some transfers in the coming weeks to further optimise your selections.  Go Read! :)