Friday 4 January 2013

Wildcard Team #1 - "Dream Team"

Rather than come up with one wildcard team I am going to do several teams over the coming days with different objectives in mind - such as a relatively high team value versus low team value, an all-differential team, a team with squad depth, and a team with the focus on the front 7, and so on.  I'll also try out a few different formations.  For each I'll list the team price and overall ownership plus give a 6 week overview of each player's fixtures.  I regret to inform you that I have not built my forecast model to include goalkeepers so I have put aside £10m budget for keepers. I think this is realistic enough. 

Optimisation - How It Works
I'm using some software to programmatically optimise the team based on the criteria I input, such as budget, formation restrictions, etc.  The program will try every different combination of players within the constraints and give me (and you) the one that yields the most points.  For further nerd, read this.  One limitaion of this is it's gets too complicated to factor in making any transfers, or rotating combos.  To get around this I will aportion sections of the budgets to different sections of the team depending on the desired make-up of the team - e.g. subs, defence, rotating mid/fwd.  You'll get the picture once I do a few.

WC Team #1 - Dream Team
This first team is going to be the Dream Team,  - no restrictions on formation or even on budget, just to get the ball rolling,  Purely academic.  I'll be following up with much more practical teams in the very near future.

Budget:  Unlimited
Formation: Any
Squad Depth:  10 outfield players only 
Projection:  10 weeks, GW22-31