Friday 8 February 2013

GW26 Captain Rankings

Another double gameweek in FPL presents another not so difficult decision for your captain this week.  You'd be brave not to captain Suarez if you have him, and then equally mad to not captain Sturridge or Gerrard if you have those two instead.  I would not be surprised to see both all three players in people's teams this week.  If this is the case then, my preference in a vacuum would be for Sturridge.  He's the striker now after all.  However... there's a BUT and this is not the depths of space. Sturridge's current yellow flag in FPL (75% chance of playing) adds one clear risk.  Another is set-pieces.  Suarez is a candidate for both penalties and Direct FKs, the other being Gerrard who is also on corners and Indirect FKs.   Sturridge is also the player who would get withdrawn should the result be in doubt and force Rodger's into a tactical switch.  All things summed up then, Suarez is the one. Unless of course you are @FPL_Adive_Tips and fancy a punt on Michu

Outside of the DGW there are not really any surprises.  Rumour has it that Bale may play as a striker against Newcastle with Defoe out and Adebayor just back from AFCON.  He played this role for 2-3 games last year and scored a lot points if I remember correctly.  I'm fond of late of describing Bale as irrepressible and don't think I'm far wrong.  

One more thing - the Buying Guide has been updated for GW26-35.

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