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Buying Guide for GW27 - GW36
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These are the top ranked players using my F..SCORE  projection model based on a flat 10 gameweek forecast, GW27 to GW36.  The blank gameweek for Liverpool and Swansea is counted but possible blanks for teams in the FA Cup are not.


As you can see I've readded the Form & Forecast Tables.  Click them to see a larger version. 

A slight reshuffle this week amongst the top shelf protagonists although Sturridge maintains his place as the top forward despite a GW27 blank.  The available data for Sturridge is too low to be relied upon entirely, but the sample size is growing. In the 375 minutes he's played so far for Liverpool across 5 games since GW22 he's hit 24 shots, 17 of these in the box (SiB) with 11 on target (SoT), scoring 4 goals.  Suarez in the same period has 553 mins, 29 shots, 18 SiB and 8 SoT and 3 goals.  Aguero, despite City's genuine slump of late, is still a world class player and not one to be overlooked.  If anyone can reignite City's season it's him, and a couple of games on the near horizon against Villa and Wigan could be boom or bust for him.

Amongst the midfielders it's the elite trio of Walcott, Bale and Mata who rule imperious whilst Sissoko remains in the mix as a player capable of a big end of season impact for your fantasy team.  In defence Zabaleta and Baines are the top two with Clichy a cheaper alternative, although his benching for Kolarov in the Cup has to be a concern. 

Suarez drops down to the second tier of players here due to the Liverpool's mixed fixture ahead of us in GW27, as does Michu who drops down to Tier 3.  Remember that as this is a GW27 Buying Guide it's based on buying players this gameweek in mind of the next 10. Rooney holds his own but as an owner myself I'm worried he didn't even have a shot in the Everton game.  I expect £12m players to at least have a shot at home.  As for Berbatov, I honestly don't know how he's keeping his place amongst the other players here, well actually I do know, it's because he's still Fulham's main outlet, it's just their attack has ground to a severe halt and the model takes the full season’s results into account.  Check the Team Form page for a closer look at Fulham's crumbling offence. 
In midfield Lampard cements his place in this second tier, and whilst I wonder how long he'll get in the team with a rest courtesy of Benitez he continues to play and continues to score.  As far as defender's go, if you can close your eyes and select Nastasic ahead of Zabaleta and hope he gets a game you could be on to a steal. 

Torres is in the rise in this group, although not very far, and Lambert and Fletcher would both represent very solid and profitable picks, without being game-winners per se.  Dzeko, Giroud and Anichebe are all full on punts at this stage in the season.  Dzeko and Anichebe are not guaranteed starters but if they do they get a game they are great picks.  Then there's Giroud.  He's shown he can score goals, but his role in the team is overshadowed by Walcott. 
Silva and Dempsey are really too expensive to be consider amongst these players and Stoke's Walters suffers form his team's style of play, particularly away from home where he is shifted out to the right of a 5 man midfield.  This really leaves three players to get excited about - Snodgrass, whose fixtures 'til season end look great, the already well owned Puncheon, and Enrique.  Marveaux sparkled briefly but lost his place with Newcastle's summer signings.  He may have earned a reprieve with Gouffran's injury but that won't be for long and Ben Arfa should be back soon too.