Thursday 21 February 2013

New Player and Team Charts

I have some new pages in development which I'm going to publish here in order to get some feedback from a technical point of view.  These are in 'Beta' at the moment, there are some issues with cross=browser compatibility and displaying on small screen mobiles. I'm new to html code so figuring stuff like this out.  I also intend to add some explanations to each page about what they mean.

Anyway, please take a look around, and if you could leave me feedback in the comments section of this post. If you can see the charts then great.  If you can't please let me know what you do see, and what platform (PC/phone/tablet?) and browser you are on using (IE, Firefox, Chrome?).  Cheers.

First up are Player Form and Forecast charts for each position, sorted by PAM (Points Over Median).  They give a really good visual indication for a player.  The Form values are actually relative form, rather than absolute. And relative to the player's team. 

FORM =  Player F.SCORE / Team F.SCORE

This basically tells you what share of attacking opportunities the player had and normalises the value against the whole team performance.  For example, Pienaar may have 4 shots and 2 SoT which is usually a high F.SCORE - but what if Everton won this game 4-0 and Fellaini, Jelavic and Osman all had more shots?  Pienaar's score relative to ther others would be lower. Works in the opposite way too, let's say Sunderland are away at City and Fletcher has just 2 shots but they are the only ones Sunderland have then Fletcher's form will be good relative to his team.

The Projection Chart are based also now relative rather than absolute.  As introduced into the Buying Guide recently, rather than rating a player in absolute terms I am rating a player relative to the average player in the same position.  For these new charts each player is given a rating to relative to the average player in the same position for each individual gameweek.  

The new Team Form page shows each team's shots on target (line graph) and the relative difference to their opponent's typical SoT conceded.  The values in the 'Overall' column are Season Avg. SoT and % above/below league average. The 6wk Form is the same % above/below average but based on the last 6 games.  The arrows indicate whether the 6 wk form is significantly different from season form.

As already said these are in Beta and I'll add explanations on the pages in due course and try to iron out any issues with the display.


  1. Nice work. I look forward to reading more.


  2. Looks good here and I like it a lot!
    Some of the ownership numbers are off though (Hazard, Toure, Gerrard, Routledge, Torres, Podolski are over 100%).

    Keep up the great work!

  3. Thanks Guys. Thanks Zouboulzeng for the note on the ownership numbers. Esy fix (forget to carry the 1). Will correct for updates this week.