Tuesday 12 February 2013

GW26 Top Ranked Players

Following the a terrible start to Liverpool's much hyped fantasy double gameweek last night it's now  time to take a look at Gameweek 26's Top Ranked players as determined by my F.SCORE metric which aggregates each players key attacking stats (shots, shots on target, key passes, etc.) into one to give a overall rating of a player's performance.  It does not account for actual goals scored, or assists, just the underlying numbers, so is a good measure of whether a player deserved his FPL points or just had a lucky shot in off his backside. 

As can be seen, it's Bale yet again atop the rankings this week, just after another season long hero in Michu. These guys are absolutely the focus of their team's impressive attacks and brought home the goals again, with a brace a piece.

Looking further down we have Walcott who, despite a move away from the central striker's role, is still Arsenal's most dangerous player, with Giroud playing much more of a support striker than you might expect.  Torres is a probably a surprise here, although a Top 4 striker at home to Wigan should not be.  From memory I think this is only his second time in the top 15.  Didn't score though..  Staying with Chelsea, and Luiz's return from injury sees him back amongst the chances, 7 shots in total including 3 in the penalty area. 

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