Sunday 3 February 2013

GW25 Top Players

Newcastle's new £1.8m signing, £6m in FPL, thundered his way into Geordie hearts with this match winning display.  More importantly though he tops the F.SCORE rankings for GW25!  What an honour for the young lad.  He even had Phil Brown on Radio 5  billing him as the new Alan Shearer - just another 250 odd goals to go then.

The average position map (courtesy of ESPN) from the games shows just how far forward Sissoko was playing.  He's number 7.  Cisse is no 9. Sissoko's career stats are not that impressive at all (1 in 10)  but Newcastle's scouting department are pretty good at finding players to fit their system and then getting the best out of them, and they needed goalscorers. For £6m it's hardly a risk and I will buy him for GW27 if I can.

Following Sissoko are two player who are no stranger to the top F.SCORE rankings - Bale and Fellaini, both in the goals this weekend.  There's really no holding either of them back.  Further down though, a few more new faces.  Carroll in particular catching the eye after his return from 9 weeks out injured.  His partnership with Kevin Nolan looks to have picked up where it left off. 

Lampard is a player who seems to have just come out of nowhere and scored 10+ goals thi season.  The situation surrounding his contract plus Benitiz's incessant tinkering make me wary of looking too hard at him but he's a goalscoring midfielder of the highest calibre. 

Everton's victor Anichebe (£4.4m) is another player that has gone under the radar, really due to uncertainty of his starting position.  For much of the season he's been the 12th name on the teamsheet, so to speak, but continued good displays like this one have seen him force out the misfiring Jelavic from starting line-up.  He actually recorded the highest F.SCORE  this season in GW5. 


  1. Think you have the full season image rather than this GW.

  2. Thanks SG, I sure did. Enjoy the SuperBowl tonight.