Friday 22 February 2013

GW27 Preview and Captain Rankings

I posted these rankings on the Captain Options Page earlier in the week and I'll try and do this more often for folks who want an early look.  I am prone to making tweaks through the week and I have cut Dzzeko from the list as who knows if who'll be playing up front for City alongside Aguero.  If you're interested though, Dzeko would be 5th in these rankings.

No surprise to see Walcott topping the list this week.  You can see from his F.sCORE distribution too how consistent he;s been, and how he's capable of big scores too.  Could Arsenal fall flat against Aston Villa who are gearing up for 12 Cup Finals (BBC). I don't think so. Villa haven't kept a clean sheet since early December against Stoke, although their home clash with Arsenal was a 0-0.  Ominous?  No.  In Villa's last 3 away games they've conceded 3 against Everton, 2 against Millwall, and 2 against West Brom. I've got a good feeling about Giroud too.

Van Persie's dominance puts him in 2nd place despite an away game.  QPR have kept clean sheets against City, Tottenham and Chelsea aince January.   You have to be impressed by that.  I would not expect a clean sheet against united though, they always score, and I do expect a strong lineup from United. They don't play Real Madrid for over a week and with a tricky game for City against Chelsea Fergie might take this opportunity to turn the screw even further.  Rooney will probably miss this game with illness and has not trained this week.

Sissoko and Lukaku are the key differentials this week, with games home games against Southampton and Sunderland respectively.  Sissoko's ranking in these charts is inflated by his P90 but statistically he's still been worth it, as is Lukaku who would be my number one punt this week (when is he not?!).

Bale and Fellaini feature.  Despite away games against teams that have show they can keep it tight at home they've both shown too that they can score against anyone.

Last but not least is Aguero. A Top 4 clash/"difficult fixture" should not put off the FPL manager too much in my opinion.  Chelsea's last two away games in the league have seen them ship 5 goals against Newcastle and Reading.  Whilst in my head I imagine Benitez and Mancini acting out a tactical chess match my heart wants to screams goals, goals, goals.  Let's hope so.

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