Friday 1 February 2013

GW25 Captain Rankings

Before I start I must mention that the latest Buying Guide has been put up on the site - you can find it here. I may mention it once or twice. Thanks too to Kyle who suggested I compare players by the average (I used median) instead of lowest. This works much better and whilst it won't affect the relative ranking within a position, it will alter the worth of players between positions. Thank Kyle.


There's no stopping Van Persie from sitting atop the Captain Rankings again this week. His statistical F.SCORE projection is 2nd to only Remy who as was pointed out in this week's Buying Guide is s bit of an anomaly due to small sample size and odd matches he's been in. The lack of ambition shown by QPR in his first games meant that his representative share of shots is inflated somewhat, though Redknapp needs to win games this season and you'd expect home against Norwich is one he'd target to do so.  Remy's perhaps worth a punt then, and by the same token Taarabt.

Back to United though and Rooney is now definitely back on the radar. As mentioned in the Buying Guide, he's hot on the heels of RVP now and his F.SCORE distribution, can be seen above, is pretty well distributed in the middle - meaning he's typically able to produce a performance that would warrant a goal - this is what makes a captain choice "safe", over the merits of someone like Lambert, whose projection is fairly similar to Rooney's but his historical F.SCORE distribution reveals he''s much more likely to see a low return and has never hit the heights of a top score like others on the list. 

You can see also in the distributions for Mata, Bale and Walcott how they perform - it's either high or low. I don't think this is a surprise for midfield players. In some games they are just not going to be involved as much as a proper striker. 

Fellaini's recent shift to a deeper midfield role is also worth mentioning here, again as mentioned in the Buying Guide. The Belgain's versatility means there's always going to be a risk of him being used in a more defensive position, unlike with Michu, say. Darren Gibson's midfield cameo midweek though may indicate he's back from injury and ready to take his position in the midfield and allow Fellaini to push on where at times he's been unplayable.

Oh, before I sign off, I must mention the updated Buying Guide.

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